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Situationally Difficult Airway

There’s more to airway success than being expert. You also need to be an expert team

Join the OxygeNATION covers all concepts and tools needed to oxygenate any patient. The Anatomically Difficult installation gave you the tools to deal with expected and unexpected anatomic challenges, while the Physiologically Difficult installations explored the dangerous intersection of airway management and critically ill physiology and how to navigate it.

The Situationally Difficult Airway installation builds on this knowledge by taking you out of your comfort zone so you can anticipate the challenges of managing airway emergencies in unfamiliar environments, or in uniquely difficult or stressful situations. Enter this installation when you’re ready, and take your emergency airway skills to the next level: learn critical concepts from some of the worlds most skilled prehospital retrieval teams, face down a series of difficult airway situations, learn skills that will help you own any unfamiliar space in which you may find yourself, and develop a strategy to overcome the inevitable stress response in our one of a kind stress lab.

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The best physician led prehospital retrieval services have a strategy. Their ability to assess the scene, and own the space no matter the situation. This station will introduce you to some of the valuable insights they bring to emergency airway management that can also be applied in the hospital setting.

The Stress Lab is a unique training space within this installation. Here you can spend time with our stress coaches, practice proven stress inoculation skills, and then enter the lab and put these skills to the test. When you’re done we’ll give you your real-time bio-feedback from our wearables and have the opportunity to debrief with our stress experts.

More to Come. Watch This Space.

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