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O’s Up the Nose! #NoDesat

Build an effective strategy for preventing hypoxia during intubation

This topic is so important in airway management that #NoDesat has become a trending meme on Twitter. You can be an average intubator, but a master oxygenator and you and your patient will likely be fine. On the other hand, if you’re a great intubator but poor at oxygenation you will face tough times when encountering an unexpected difficulty during intubation.

This teaching module is dedicated to helping you build an effective strategy for pre-oxygenation and the prevention of hypoxia during intubation.

Under Construction Slides.002

We’re sorry this page isn’t completely finished yet, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t started bundling other great FOAM education resources for you on this topic! Click on the O’s Up the Nose! magazine on Flipboard below to get going on this topic.


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