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Intubation & the Critically Ill Patient

The intersection of  critically ill physiology and endotracheal intubation can be a dangerous place. If we focus only on the mechanics of intubation and fail to prepare for the effects this procedure can have on our sick patients we are heading down a dangerous road.  You can identify these patient’s early, and prepare for that dangerous intersection between physiology and endotracheal intubation if you ask yourself, “am I driving in the HOV lane?”

The HOV mnemonic — Hypotension, Oxygenation, Ventilation (pH) is a simple way to organize the key concepts and skills required for intubating sick patients. The full set of slides for this concept are here on HAIKUDECK.

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For a different perspective check out the EMBER

Bundled Resources & Reviews on this topic from around the FOAM universe


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