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What is the Protected Airway?

In Emergency Medicine and Critical Care we don’t perform elective intubations. When the decision to intubate, is made, our patient(s) are already sick and on a trajectory towards death unless we intervene. But at the intersection of airway management and critically ill physiology there comes many challenges: the unpredictable nature of rapidly evolving airway emergencies, and the high stakes, low frequency events that go along with them, can be a recipe for disaster. You need to build mental resilience and an arsenal of high level skills that you can deploy in tough and often unanticipated work environments if you’re to protect your patient with an airway emergency from harm.

The Protected Airway Is Learning Designed for Humans

Learning for Humans_ Searching for the Heart of Medical Education-2.002The Protected Airway Project began as a two day intensive airway and procedure course. Since then it’s mission has grown to become a comprehensive airway learning program that is learning designed for humans: an approach that places an emphasis not only on what you learn but also on how you  learn.

The Protected Airway is dedicated to considering all the factors involved in successfully translating essential knowledge to the bedside, and every part of the Protected Airway is created with memorable design elements, thoughtfully chosen for a single purpose: to help you build an effective emergency airway strategy. One that considers the environment in which your knowledge will be deployed, that anticipates weaknesses, leverages strengths, and that gives you the mental resilience and cognitive tools to take the necessary steps to be successful. In short, learning designed for humans.



It Starts With Incremental learning for Before (and after) the Course 

We realized early on, that two days of intensive airway training is great, but that’s just not how we learn as humans. Incremental and spaced is the key to master any skill and so we have spent time thinking of ways to leverage technology to make that happen.

The Protected Airway Course site was designed to introduce you to the world of FOAMed (Free Open Access Medical) education to bring you some of the best original and curated online airway education from experts around the world. We leverage this great resource for you by continually updating our teaching modules, and breaking down every aspect of emergency  airway management into bite sized learning. If your already a power FOAMed user there is plenty to explore here. For those of you new to FOAMed this resource provides a great way to discover a powerful new tool for lifelong learning.

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