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Fearless FONA

Enter This Next Generation Training Space for the Emergency Surgical Airway

Welcome to the Fearless FONA (front of neck access) training installation. Like all of our next generation training platforms we merge digital and physical space to create an interactive, immersive and self-directed learning style that is theme-based narrative driven.

Enter this training space and learn from the stories of success and failure by practicing physicians who have had to perform FONA. Step into each station within the space and explore ways to overcome all the potential barriers to the successful performance of this life saving procedure. This installation is built for the unique environment in which FONA is deployed, and is a special form of training designed specifically for this high stakes low frequency procedure.

Below is a preview of the installation and some of the content (we’ve left out a few surprises) for you to experience. We will be creating more of these previews so that you can use them before coming to the course to build some foundational knowledge and plan out your day so that you can jump right in and focus on the content that most suits your needs.

What are the most underappreciated barriers that keep us from performing FONA in a timely and confident manner? Perhaps our greatest roadblocks are the ones in our mind. This station takes you on journey through some of the common pitfalls of the mind under stress and how to avoid them.

Why are we always so unprepared and surprised by the failed airway? Maybe we just need a better way to prepare our minds, our teams, and our patients for this possibility. This station will take you through a step by step tour of the double set-up and review a simple FONA readiness tool you should use before every intubation.

In moments where time is of the essence and stress is at its peak, you need a simplified approach to the surgical airway. At this station we introduce you to SFB (scalpel finger bougie). This is our go to technique, and after you’ve seen it and done it a few times we think it will be yours too.

Training requires high fidelity tools for deliberate practice. Our creative design team has developed one of the most versatile and and realistic 3D printed models for just this purpose. Step into this space and practice your technique using models that allow you to perform the procedure under graded levels of difficulty until you feel comfortable performing it on any anatomic variation you might encounter in the real world.

This training installation includes a high fidelity simulation to practice deploying all the skills, concepts and tools you learned on the journey. When your done a faculty debrief will highlight the strengths of your performance, and areas of potential improvement. One design advantage of the learning installation is that you can journey through the space as many times a you need. Completion of the simulation will allow you to identify areas that need improvement and give you the opportunity go back through the space and review in a more focused and efficient format so you can feel confident you could perform FONA in a moments notice in a time of need.

The Fearless FONA Training Installation In Action

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