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Welcome to EMIQ

Welcome to EMIQ. Our goal is to bring you a daily stream of EM knowledge in an easily approachable format. One that fits with a healthy learning lifestyle. EMIQ is a great way to build your online learning network and engage in the conversation, while getting current, curated, and important EM content delivered to your brain in bite sized chunks. 

Simply follow us on Twitter where we will post daily curated & original EM focused FOAMed content that introduces you to some of the week’s most innovative learning from amongst our picks for the most insightful EM FOAM educators out there. Every Friday we’ll post a brief NY Times style review quiz so you can test your knowledge, review the material and see how well you did compared to your peers.

  • EMIQ Delivers
  • A daily stream of EM knowledge to you
  • Keeps you up to date on current topics
  • Curates high quality #FOAMed content
  • Build a robust learning network
  • Create a healthy lifelong learning style

Be Patient. 🥺

The next EMIQ Review is coming on Friday. In the meantime take the latest EMIQ Review quiz from our archive below and see how well you do. 👇

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The EMIQ Review Archive

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