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EM Bound

Get on the road with these essential resources for medical students who are

EM Bound

the-protected-airway-faculty-2-003Choosing a speciality is one of the most important decisions you will make at the beginning of your career. As the course director for a subinternship in Emergency Medicine I’ve spent a lot of time developing a curriculum for our students that introduces them not just to the foundational knowledge of the specialty, but to all the tangible and intangible skills that are  required to be prepared for what’s ahead.

To help with this process, I’ve created a bundle of online resources called “EM Bound”. Sometimes in the struggle to get to the next step on our journey we forget to look at the big picture. I believe that your time with us preparing for your chosen path is about more than just the four weeks you spend learning how to identify that sick patient, how to splint or suture, read an EKG or any of the other clinical skills we will teach you. It’s also about helping you look beyond those hoops put in front of you to give you a glimpse of the future.  It’s about getting down to the real deal of life as an Emergency Physician.  A life where mastering all the skills required to be a great clinician includes mastering how to stay healthy and happy doing it. Because you can’t have one for very long without the other.

We also believe that this is the time to begin the transition from traditional learning to the adult learning skills needed for success throughout the arc of your career in this era of rapid change. This starts with building yourself a community of lifelong learners who are as passionate about Emergency Medicine as you are. We believe that we are stronger together, and that becoming part of that community can start here.

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If you look at the top right of the menu bar you will see a drop-down menu titled EM BOUND. Start by exploring the great content on our course site, which includes a description of our sub-internship in Emergency Medicine, and topics like expert advice on how to succeed during your EM rotation, how to think like an Emergency Physician, or how give an outstanding patient presentation. There is also an introduction to an online network of educators and links to FOAM education resources for you to explore.

FlipboardIn addition, we have created an EM student blog full of great content created by and for medical students, and a Flipboard magazine dedicated to helping you navigate the journey from student to residency application and a successful match.

As if that weren’t enough. We invite you to join the Google+ platform and participate in our collaborative online EM community for a lively social network of EM Bound students, EM residents and faculty. This is where you can see the innovative FOAM content created by students for students, find new colleagues, new ways to learn, and new ways to think about the skills you can bring to patient care. So get on the road with us and we will see you on the journey.

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