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Notes from the field, clinical resources & evidence-based updates

COVID19 – CT Findings

While CT is not suggested or required for diagnosis of COVID19, it is certainly a window into the disease process and its impact on the lungs. This fantastic video reviews […]


Living the Pandemic on the Front Lines & Lessons Learned From a Pre-Hospital Care Perspective. No part of the healthcare system in NYC has been hit harder than the 911 […]

COVID Evidence

Reason can wrestle and overthrow terror – Euripides Collecting data and testing evidence takes time, and in that vacuum of time, fear, frustration and a desire to act animates us […]

COVID19 Airway

With over 200 COVID19 intubations, Ralph Slepian MD shares their experience and the lessons learned from a team-based approach to safely managing the airway of COVID19 patients. We understand the […]


It’s a curious fact that the saying “primum non nocere” (first do no harm) attributed to the hippocratic oath actually comes from his treatise on Epidemics. In times of uncertainty […]

COVID Ethics

Because physicians, nurses, and other clinicians are trained to care for individuals, the shift from patient-centered practice to patient care guided by public health considerations creates great tension, especially for […]

The Chest X-Ray for COVID19

How do you use the chest x-ray during the evaluation of a suspected COVID19 patient? Our practice has been all over the map as we learn about the clinical course […]

Think Cardiac

Don’t just think fever and respiratory symptoms. We are seeing COVID19 patients that have a predominantly cardiac presentation: palpitations, arrhythmias, reduced cardiac function, myocarditis and elevated troponin. #covidresus Cardiac symptoms […]

PPE Plus ++

Personal protective equipment (PPE), is only a single part of a diligent and comprehensive plan for personal safety. This post will cover the best evidence on PPE for protection against […]

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