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The Protected Airway Course is designed to elevate your knowledge, improve your skills, and mentally prepare you to safeguard your patients from harm during the airway management of your critically ill patients.  From determining who needs airway protection and mechanical ventilation to pre-intubation checklists, to failed airway algorithms, and post intubation management we will cover it all.  May the airway be ever in your favor!

Airway Psychology

It’s hard to be patient. This module is coming soon!!

The Difficult Airway

“Houston we have a problem”

Pediatric Airway

It’s hard to be patient. This module is coming soon!

Post Intubation Care

It’s hard to be patient. This module is coming soon!

Rapid Sequence Intubation

It’s hard to be patient. This module is coming soon!

Get Ready for the Head of the Bed

Are You Ready for the Head of the Bed?

Teamwork & Airway Roles

It’s hard to be patient. This module is coming soon!

Intubation & the Critically Ill Patient

The intersection of critically ill physiology and endotracheal intubation is a dangerous one: we can quickly turn a problem into a disaster if we focus only on the mechanics of the intubation, and fail to prepare for the effects this procedure will have on our patients.

DL versus VL – The Laryngoscopy Wars

Hey, it’s a partisan world out there, and change isn’t always easy. VL may not have killed DL as many proclaim, it has at least given it a good reason to worry for its survival in the coming years.

Massive Airway Contamination Solved! With the Ducanto SALAD

Patients requiring emergent intubation are never “NPO after midnight” These airways are frequently “contaminated” with blood, vomit, and other secretions that obscure your view. Learn how to master this scary airway scenario.

Enter the Vortex

The Vortex Approach is airway education innovation and design at its finest. Train to prioritize oxygenation over intubation in any stressful emergency airway situation.

It’s More than Just a “Laryngoscope”

Before you pick up that laryngoscope read this to inform your practice with an expert mindset that can make your intubation skills better.

FONA and the Failed Airway

Zen mind, Cric mind. Deep knowledge for successful management of the failed airway.

Smart Laryngoscopy

If you want to build a successful approach to laryngoscopy. You a strong mental model for problem=solving. Check out Dr Levitan’s “smart airway” approach here.

The Bag Valve Mask

Arguably more important than intubation, the most under appreciated skill in airway management

O’s Up the Nose! #NoDesat

This topic is so important #NoDesat has become an airway meme on Twitter. This teaching module is dedicated to strategies for preoxygenation and the prevention of desaturation during intubation.

Supraglottic Airway Devices

Supraglottic airway devices are an often overlooked tool in emergency airway management. Here is why you should make the SGA your best friend!

Flipping the Airway

There’ so much good FOAM airway content it’s hard to bring it all together. Here is our solution: a beautifully designed platform called Flipboard to bundle curated content all in one place. We think you’ll agree it’s one of the best ways to collect, share, and enjoy this material.

What is the Protected Airway?

For those who want to learn effective emergency airway management strategies, The Protected Airway is learning build for humans. Click here to find out what we mean…

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