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The MedEDge Lab

Learning Built for Humans

The MedEDge Design Lab is committed to transforming the learning space in medical education (MedEd). Improving our healthcare delivery system by concurrently improving our learning delivery systems, so we can effectively translate an accelerating pace of knowledge and change to the bedside.

As a team, MedEDge Design Lab is focused on improved knowledge translation through better education design: exploring how to merge digital and physical space; seeking inspiration outside of traditional medical education sources, and collaborating across the arts, science and entrepreneurial domains. Our work to date leverages a diversity of tools in innovative ways to design education that meets learners where they live by focusing on the key principles of learning built for humans.

If we want to keep pace with our current zeitgeist, and simultaneously pass on what we know to the next generation of physicians, it’s time to put more energy into the process of how we learn. Building the learning delivery systems of the future that will inspire and support lifelong learning across the arc of our careers.

MedEdge Design Lab has also become an incubator for mentorship and innovation in MedEd and seeks to acknowledge encourage the best and the brightest physician educators out there who excel at education design – offering inspiration to those walking in their footsteps.

Somewhere out there is an ideal world where medical education has no geographic or institutional boundaries; where people share their knowledge and experience freely. A place where learning is built to inspire and support us; become a rewarding lifestyle, and not just another hoop to jump through at the end of a busy day. Somewhere out there is a collective wisdom about our daily clinical practice that brings us all closer together, working for the common cause of being better, wiser, and happier caregivers. We should build that world together.

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