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COVID19 – CT Findings

While CT is not suggested or required for diagnosis of COVID19, it is certainly a window into the disease process and its impact on the lungs.

This fantastic video reviews some of the distinctive patterns of lung injury from COVID19 that appear on CT, and also some of the pearls and pitfalls with CT use clinically. Huge thanks to Dr. Robert Schloss MD, our overnight ED radiologist, for sharing this with me.


  • The overall radiologic presentation of COVID19 on CT imaging is diverse, which is why it is not a definitive or diagnostic test, ,but there are some distinct patterns that can be seen.
  • CT imaging can be normal early in the disease
  • Ground glass opacification & consolidation are the most common findings
  • It is rare to have a consolidation without ground glass opacities
  • Usually a peripheral distribution
  • Basilar predominance
  • Rounded morphology
  • Bilateral distribution (not diagnostic)
  • Later stage findings
  • Crazy paving
  • Reverse Halo
  • More distinct pattern of consolidation
  • Continued basilar and peripheral distribution
  • Organization and signs of fibrosis

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