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EMIQ Review #1

For April 24th 2020

How well did you follow the #FOAM conversation last week? Take our EM IQ quiz to find out, Discover great new FOAM educators, and follow along for curated EM focused content that has been chosen for accuracy and quality by our team of educators.

#amplifyfacts #amplifyebm #amplifylearning

Welcome to our first EMIQ. Each week we will bring you a brief review of the some of the week’s best #FOAMed content for review and allow you to test your EMIQ. Our goal is to:

  • Offer daily stream of EM knowledge
  • Keep you up to date on current topics
  • Curate high quality #FOAMed content
  • Help you build your learning network
  • Is a healthy addition to your learning style

This week we learned about how to give sedatives the right way, how to use a BVM with COVID19 patients, PE risk stratification tools and much more.

Take the weekly EMIQ quiz and test how well you followed the #FOAMed conversation last week.

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