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Improving Your Laryngeal View

Zen Airway and Poetry Inspired by Haiku Deck

There are many reasons to love Haiku Deck. For educators it’s an easy way to free your knowledge from the Powerpoint prison on your hard drive, but it also challenges you to get to the point and hone your educational pearls into shiny drops of educational poetry.  If you are using Haiku Deck to give a talk it also re-enforces the idea the slides are only for emphasis – if you’re reading of them you’ve got too much on your slides.

So here is my latest Haiku Deck, part of a teaching module for our airway course. I was so inspired I wrote a Haiku to start things off.

Airway Haiku

The Airway is hard

How sweet the Grade One view is!

Pearls for you there are


Oh, I don’t have any money invested in Haiku Deck (wish I did). I just really like it.

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    • Love the SALAD!! Want to try to figure out how to incorporate it into our annual airway course, maybe a great “grand rounds” visit for you to come and teach it!

      • I’d love to help bring the simulator out to you and the area programs. You could build your own (which you should), but I must tell you that we are discovering new “exercises” or scenarios with this thing all the time. I first started with 2 basic exercises–now we are expanding that to four, with more to follow. The idea is to decrease the cognitive load and increase the resiliency of you and your staff, residents, nurses, paramedics and students. Make it so they know what to do when they see the situation occur. Figuring things out takes time, and when you handle airways, time is short. Thanks again!

      • Cool, sounds like I should get my SIM people in the loop and then we should talk 🙂 Our airway course is in June so we have some time to schedule

      • Sounds good. I plan a monograph on how to build these simulators (after I finish the 3 or 4 book chapters!). I’m also working on getting a mannequin manufacturer to build them ready to go at an affordable price.

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