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Tools to Live By – iPhone Calculator Tip

In a highly technical world, sometimes it’s the little things that are the most frustrating. Take for example, my Google Calendar which refuses to ever display the right local boarding time for any of my flights, or the DVR telling me it can’t record both, The Daily Show and then Late Show because Time Warner’s program guide says TDS ends at 11:32 and thus represents an insurmountable conflict of space and time (where is Neil DeGrass Tyson when I need him).

And then there’s the iPhone calculator. You know, the one where several functions into a calculation you punch in the wrong digit and have to start all over again. Wait, don’t touch the C key! It turns out you can swipe to the left or right over the numbers and erase that last pesky misplaced little digit. I really want to shake that programmers hand.

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