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Smart Phones & Emergency Medicine

iPhones and iPads (we can start calling them smartphones and tablets when there is actually some competition) are continuing to revolutionize medicine.  This article in the New York Times technology section highlights some of the current options available to people, but I think there is even more to look forward to:  imagine if a patient were able to log into their personal medical record and sends vitals, labs, ekg, data from say a pacemaker or other device, as well as audio, pictures, video, and text of their complaint.  Immediately, this would change the world of triage; the nurse just double checks a few things and it is all automatically uploaded into their medical record before they even arrive!  Okay I’m dreaming, all of this is obviously too good to be true.  The first tip off that I was getting myself into medical never-never land should have been the article’s graphic, because if I ever thought I could see a squirming kid’s ear that well (see below) in the ED I might really get excited about having to pick up my otoscope.

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