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The Daily Cup – Feeling Human Again


Coffee and doctors seem synonymous, but there is another reason it finds its way onto this blog.  The EMBER Project is about exploring all aspects of daily life for emergency physicians and how we find ways to keep doing our job.  In order to be of any use to anyone we have to take care of ourselves, and while coffee is a way to prepare for work, it’s also a ritual I perform on my days off when I need to reconnect with just being human again.

Jamie making perfect shots

One cool thing about being an emergency physician, is that unlike the 9-5vers, I can just have a regular Tuesday afternoon off.  This gives me a chance to hang out with my more bohemian neighbors at 10:45 am and pretend I’m not really a uber responsible geek who just happens to live in the east village surrounded by people more interesting than me.

A Perfect Latte In My Favorite Cups

So after a string of shifts, Abraco is one of those places where I reclaim my personal existence again. A little conversation, a little time to just sit and enjoy the morning, a chance to enjoy a perfect NYC snapshot of people living their daily lives.  Now I don’t know if the owners of one of my favorite little places know how much I appreciate what they do for my spirits (beyond making a perfect cup of coffee and a delicious slice of olive oil pound cake), but I love them for it.  Thanks.

Waiting Patiently Outside

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