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Coffee I love you

Who can do this job without some kind of liquid encouragement.  Sure, I used to drink the 75 cent coffee from the truck outside the ED at Columbia on 168th street to keep me going, but what started as a mundane necessity is now more of a daily epiphany.  The shot below was taken after a particularly long overnight at one of my neighborhood hangouts, where I ran into another EM doc just heading to work (show me a good place to get coffee and I’ll guarantee you there’s an EM doc standing in line before his shift to drink it).  Now, I know all you EM coffee geeks are just waiting to get your Restretto on, so please consider sending me photos of you, your coffee, and the places you enjoy it, and I will keep posting coffee porn.  I want a gallery of EM docs with their coffee…

Post Overnight Coffee @ Peels, East Village NYC

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